NRA Basic Pistol

This course is perfect for people with little or no experience shooting a handgun

USCCA Concealed Carry And Home Defense Fundamentals

This comprehensive program covers vital topics for anyone who chooses a firearm to protect themselves and their families in public or at home.

Fundamentals of Low Light Engagements

In this course you will learn tactics that may prove crucial to surviving a life-threatening encounter. Topics covered will include: our vision under low light conditions, understanding “tactical lights”, techniques for incorporating a hand-held flashlight while shooting, the advantages of weapon-mounted lights, and more.

Defensive Shotgun – Level 1

This class is the first in a series by Line of Defense, LLC that will examine the shotgun as a defensive firearm, and will help you develop skills for using it to defend your home and family

Defensive Handgun Skills Development

Do you want to brush up on your handgun shooting, become a better shot, and be more confident in your weapon handling skills? Then this class is for you!!!

Shooting While Moving and Using Cover

This class will focus on shooting from positions of cover and shooting while moving. These skills are often overlooked in firearms self defense training, but are critical to giving yourself the tactical advantage in a deadly force incident. This is an active, fast-paced course filled with challenging drills. It is an advanced course designed for experienced handgun shooters.

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