Defensive Shotgun – Level 1

July 19, 2020 9AM-4PM

Location : Linden Conservation Club (611 E 1300 S, Romney, IN)
Cost : $125 (Linden Conservation Club Members $100)
Registration/Question: Contact the instructor at 765-491-6077
or email:

The shotgun is the first choice of many for a home protection firearm, and for good reason. Besides being the most powerful close range firearm available, it is also the most versatile. This class is the first in a series by Line of Defense, LLC that will examine the shotgun as a defensive firearm, and will help you develop skills for using it to defend your home and family. Seating is limited and classes are small. This class is for semiautomatic and pump action shotguns only; shotguns must also have a buttstock (or pistol brace) to be fired from the shoulder (no Shockwave, Tac14 or other pistol grip-only shotguns). Also, no shotguns capable of firing by holding the trigger back and cycling the action will be allowed (ie. Ithaca 37 etc.)

A $25 deposit is required to register for this class, with the balance due the day of class. The deposit is non-refundable after July 12, 2020. If the class is cancelled by the instructor for any reason there will be a full refund. For more details or to register contact Line of Defense at or call 765-491-6077.

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