NRA Basic Pistol

This course is perfect for people with little or no experience shooting a handgun

USCCA Concealed Carry


This comprehensive program covers vital topics for anyone who chooses to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families.

Personal Protection in the Home

This class is an essential introduction to developing a family defense plan and how to protect yourself during a home invasion. It focuses on the legal aspects of using a firearm to protect your family, tactical considerations within your home and much more. Classroom lecture is backed up with live fire range drills.

Defensive Rifle/Carbine

This class is the first in a series by Line of Defense, LLC that will examine the rifle/carbine as a defensive firearm. You will develop skills and a greater understanding of how the rifle/carbine can be utilized to defend your home and family. Though this class is designed around semiautomatic rifles, lever and bolt action rifles as well as pistol caliber carbines can also be used in this class.

Defensive Shotgun

This class is the first in a series by Line of Defense, LLC that will examine the pump action and semiautomatic shotgun as a defensive firearm. Appropriate for indoor as well as outdoor self defense situations, the power and versatility of shotguns are often misunderstood. For this class, shotguns must be able to be mounted to the shoulder; pistol grip only shotguns are not appropriate for this class.

Defensive Handgun Skills Development

Do you want to brush up on your handgun shooting, become a better shot, and be more confident in your weapon handling skills? Then this class is for you!!! You will improve your shooting fundamentals, learn malfunction and reloading techniques, as well as a whole lot more. This class is highly recommended for everyone who has a handgun for personal protection. It is a skill building course to transition from basic level instruction to preparation for more advanced training.

Shooting While Moving and Using Cover

This class will focus on shooting from positions of cover and shooting while moving. These skills are often overlooked in firearms self defense training, but are critical to giving yourself the tactical advantage in a deadly force incident. This is an active, fast-paced course filled with challenging drills. It is an advanced course designed for experienced handgun shooters.

Tactical Use of Cover

The use of cover can literally mean the difference between life and death in a gun fight. This class will focus on using positions of cover to your tactical advantage. As well as learning what cover is and how to use it effectively, you will learn unorthodox shooting positions to maximize the use of cover and put the skills you learn into practice with active, fast-paced drills that will challenge your abilities.

Fundamentals of Low Light Engagements

In this course you will learn tactics that may prove crucial to surviving a life-threatening encounter. Topics covered will include: our vision under low light conditions, understanding “tactical lights”, techniques for incorporating a hand-held flashlight while shooting, the advantages of weapon-mounted lights, and more.

Advanced Low Light Engagements

This class is the second in our series of low light shooting classes, and takes the skills learned in Fundamentals of Low Light Engagements to a new level. The course is composed of drills that will improve your low light shooting skills. You will also be challenged with several realistic scenarios that will challenge your abilities, skills and equipment.

Handgun Drills and Tactical Scenarios

Test your shooting skills in this advanced level class for experienced shooters only.  Shooting drills are designed to challenge your shooting abilities and improve your performance in areas such as accuracy, draw, rapid fire, and manipulation skills.  The second part of the class will consist of active scenarios that combine various tactical problems requiring the shooter to use their decision-making abilities, adaptability, and shooting skills.

Less Lethal Self Defense Weapons

A firearm is only good for protection in a life and death encounter, but having a less lethal weapon – Taser, pepper spray, stun gun or striking tool -gives you valuable force options when a firearm is not legally justified. Students will gain experience using these weapons, and can even volunteer to take a “hit” of pepper spray or the Taser. Every armed citizen should have a force option other than a firearm, and this class explores several great options.

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification

Become certified as a Range Safety Officer through the NRA.

Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning, lubrication and maintenance is critical for ensuring that your firearms will function reliable and shoot accurately. With proper maintenance your firearms should last a lifetime (or longer). In this class you will learn proper cleaning techniques and how to do proper maintenance on handguns, rifles and shotguns Students are encouraged to bring their own firearms to work on in class.

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