Fundamentals of Low Light Engagements – March 10, 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023 at 6PM-10PM

Location: Linden Conservation Club (611 E 1300 S, Romney, IN)

Cost: $75.00 ($60.00 for Linden Conservation Club Members)

Most self-defense situations with a firearm take place in low light environments, but very few people practice the skills that will help them prevail under such conditions. This class is the first in a series of advanced classes focused on developing low light shooting skills. In this course you will learn tactics that may prove crucial to surviving a life-threatening encounter. Topics covered will include: our vision under low light conditions, understanding “tactical lights”, techniques for incorporating a hand-held flashlight while shooting, the advantages of weapon-mounted lights, and more.

Students must have well developed handgun skills and familiarity with the handgun they are going to use. This is not a basic shooting class.

Register by contacting the instructor at or call 765-491-6077.

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