Fundamentals of Low Light Engagements – Linden Conservation Club

Friday, October 1, 2021 at 6PM-10PM

Location: Linden Conservation Club

Cost: $65.00 ($50.00 for Linden Conservation Club Members)

Registration/Information: Contacting the instructor at 765-491-6077 or email:

Most self-defense situations with a firearm take place in low light environments, but very few people practice the skills that will help them prevail under such conditions. This class is the first in a series of advanced classes focused on developing low light shooting skills. In this course you will learn tactics that may prove crucial to surviving a life-threatening encounter. Topics covered will include: our vision under low light conditions, understanding “tactical lights”, techniques for incorporating a hand-held flashlight while shooting, the advantages of weapon-mounted lights, and more.

Students must have well developed handgun skills and familiarity with the handgun they are going to use. This is not a basic shooting class.

A $25 deposit is required be fully registered for the class. Deposit checks should be made out to Line of Defense, LLC and mailed to 311 Sagamore Pkwy N., Suite #8, Lafayette, IN 47904. The deposit is not refundable after the registration close date of September 24, 2021 unless the class is cancelled by the instructor. Read the Deposit Policy under the Policy tab of the Home Page of the site. By sending in a deposit you are agreeing to the terms of the Deposit Policy.

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